Reality Check

This time of the year is the time of the year that everyone begins to realize how thankful they are and how blessed Jesus has made them. This year is no different for me. At church we are doing this gift tree in our Sunday school class. The entire gift tree is for one family who has stumbled into some incredibly difficult medical issues that are taking a huge financial toll on them. So this entire little tree was filled with their wish list items.
Begin tangent:
I just absolutely ADORE gift trees!! My parents are the most generous people known to man( I mean seriously they are givers) and every year from the time I can remember, my mom and I would pick several "ornaments" off of a random gift tree and we would then go shopping together and pick out the gifts. Now this was one of my favorite Christmas traditions and it really taught me to be generous with giving. Can't wait to do this with my future kids.

Anyways, so I walk up to the tree expecting to see the usual wish list things on this tree. You know the toys and random fun stuff, mixed in with some necessities like clothes and a new coat. As I looked through the tree though I was overcome with sadness at what I saw. I picked out three ornaments to give and just to give you an example I will tell you what is on my three. For the 6 year-old, they were requesting art supplies. For the 16-year old boy they were requesting an electric toothbrush, and for the the entire family gift they were requesting Double A batteries. I couldn't believe it. There were not toys anywhere on the tree. Everything was an extreme necessity that most of us take for granted when buying it. Talk about feeling extremely grateful for the things that I have. My entire Christmas list is full of wants. Not needs. There is not one thing that I need because I have all my needs met and then some. Anyways, the husband and I are so stinkin excited to buy this family gifts. We have already talked about how we are going to buy the presents they want but also tons of other FUN things for this precious family!! I can't wait. This is what Christmas is all about. Blessing others. I just wish that there was a gift tree all year round. I urge anyone reading to go find your nearest gift tree(usually Salvation Army has them and I did notice that Applebee's looks like they are hosting one). You won't regret it and you will most likely be more blessed by doing it than the family on the receiving end!! Merry Christmas!!! :)

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